Is that a new .380 in your pocket - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

Here are a few new .380's round that were introduced at SHOT Show 2016

  • Black Hills teamed up with Lehigh Defense to create the new Extreme Defense .380 ACP. The new .380 ACP use a 60 grain solid copper bullet, moving at about 1,150 fps at the muzzle, that is supposed to create a large wound cavity without expanding. The bullet design is similar to what Lehigh Defense already makes, but Black Hills uses different loads with different bullet weights.
  • Browning introduced a new personal defense line of handgun ammo called BXP. The BXP Personal defense ammo uses an X-Point insert to help prevent the hollow point from clogging when passing through clothing or an intermediate barrier. The .380 ACP is 95 grain with a 1,000 fps at the muzzle.
  • Federal is now making a .380 ACP Practice and Defend Combo packs. Each packages contain 100 rounds of FMJ practice ammunition plus an additional 20 rounds of HST defensive ammo.

If you are carrying a .380 ACP in your pocket or on your hip, the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch is now available for a multitude of .380's.

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S&W Bodyguard, Glock 43, Ruger LCP, Keltec 3AT, Colt Government, Colt Mustang

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