Extracarry: Camouflage for your Spare Mag - Walther PPS

Author:Graham Baates - Active Army veteran, NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and Firearms industry writer.

Thank you Graham for taking the time to review the ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch for your Walther PPS

The ExtraCarry™ Staff


We all enjoy single-stacks in the summer time.  Thinner, lighter, and easier to conceal under light-weight clothing. The consequence of course is that capacity is reduced. 

Lower capacity, and in some cases a less-powerful round than we would prefer.  A diminished the sense of security that carrying a concealed weapon affords should not be the goal.  One option of course is to simply carry a spare magazine.  Many instructors tell us this, but some fail to explain how.

Slip a magazine into a pocket and marvel in how it changes orientation, and magically fills with pocket lint that wasn’t there before.  There are plenty of on-the-belt options, but those assume that you have the extra real estate and once again complicate concealing your equipment.  Outside-the-waistband and you might look like you’re headed to a competition.  Inside-the-waistband and now you need bigger pants.  Enter Extracarry.

Extracarry is a spare magazine holder smartly designed to resemble a common pocket knife.  These pouches are American-made and model-specific.  The model specificity does complicate things a bit, but it’s to ensure proper concealment while still ensuring a good draw.  The best feature of all is in how it mounts to your pocket.  A knife clip pivots away for insertion into the pocket and then once pivoted back to the closed position cinches the pocket lip against two wedges.  This effectively eliminates any potential movement of the holder.  The end result is a spare magazine at the ready, free from lint, and easily accessed yet represents pocket knife to the causal on-looker.  The best part: it actually works.  See the video link for a more in-depth demonstration.

Availability rivals many holster makers with options from 1911s to Walthers.  To see if one is available for your favorite carry gun check their website here. Suddenly carry in a t-shirts and shorts seems a lot more appealing.

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