The ExtraCarry Universal 9mm Pouch – Pack a Spare

Carrying a spare magazine isn’t tough, but it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to concealed carry. Carrying a spare might not always be necessary, but when you need a spare, you really need a spare. One of the better ways to carry a spare magazine is to toss it in your pocket. The ExtraCarry mag pouch is a new kind of pocket carry design. They produce a universal 9mm magazine pouch that drops into your pocket without much of a fight. 

The ExtraCarry – A New Kind of Pocket Carry 

There are tons of different pocket-carry magazine options these days. Each has strengths and weaknesses. The main strength of the ExtraCarry is the fact that it’s an actual pouch. There is no magnetics or anything else like that. The pouch is a pouch, and that pouch encapsulates your magazine without your topmost rounds sticking into the gunk of your pocket. 

The ExtraCarry uses a pocket knife-like clip and behind that clip sits two little lips that cling to your pocket. The ExtraCarry is made primarily from polymer with a metal clip to keep it safely positioned in your pocket. The polymer is a carbon fiber reinforced nylon material that is tough and doesn’t give or flex. 

How the ExtraCarry Universal Works 

When you look at a Glock 19, an EC9, and P365 magazines, the differences are clear. The various heights and widths make the magazines very different, so how exactly can you use one carrier for them all? ExtraCarry figured it out via their universal 9mm pouch. The ExtraCarry design implements three points of retention at the base of the pouch. 

These three points can be adjusted to grow or shrink. A flat head screwdriver unlocks the points, and you can expand or contract the design to fit small single-stack magazines all the way up to the big Glock double stacks. Once you’ve found the right size, tighten the screws down, and bam, your pouch fits whatever 9mm magazine you need it to. 

That addresses width, but what about length? The differences in length are important for a proper draw. At the back of the magazine pouch, you have four screws with five different height levels. Unscrew, adjust, and make sure it is the perfect height for a clean draw and reload. 

It’s clever and simple. It can be adjusted for any full-sized double stack magazine to any other single stack subcompact magazine. It’s simple but very effective and well-designed. 

Does It Work? 

It’s clever, but does it work? I’ve been giving the Arex Delta Gen.2 M model a little testing, and it seemed like the perfect time to get some reload training in. In about two minutes, I adjusted the size of the magazine and got it mounted in my pocket. The best position is to tuck the magazine more towards the rear of the pocket with enough room to get your thumb behind it. It takes some experimentation, but once you get the ExtraCarry positioned just right, drawing from it is perfect. 

Use a crab-like pincer with your thumb and pointer finger to get your hands on the magazine. Grip, rip, and draw. Orient the magazine with the projectiles facing forward, and that will make it easier to draw your magazine and reload your handgun. With proper orientation of the ExtraCarry and magazine, you can reload quickly and efficiently. 

Like anything, it takes a little practice to get things flowing smoothly, but by my fifth or sixth reload, I felt comfortable. By my tenth reload, I was moving rapidly and getting the magazine seated in a quick and natural motion. It’s not as fast as a duty rig with an exposed magazine pouch and battle belt, but it’s dang sure close. 

Carrying an Extra 

The ExtraCarry is a handy little option for conceal carry. It provides a simple, near endlessly adjustable magazine pouch for whatever 9mm handgun is in your armory. Even somewhat uncommon guns like the Arex Delta series are perfectly accommodated by the ExtraCarry. You can check them out here. 

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