Protect Yourself & Your Family - Carry A Spare Mag

Do you find yourself not carrying a spare magazine?

Many individuals assert, "I don't need a spare magazine; my Glock holds 19 rounds," or express a similar sentiment. While this might seem reasonable, firearms can experience jams or malfunctions. What if you encounter a jam or malfunction issue?

There are various methods to address these problems. However, if you engage in regular practice with your everyday carry gun, you may find yourself reaching for or wishing you had a spare magazine. It's not something you'd want to happen during a life-or-death situation.

It's crucial to carry a spare magazine, ideally in a magazine pouch, ensuring easy retrieval. Much like holsters designed for concealed carry, these pouches come in a variety of materials. Some are designed for IWB (inside the waistband), while others are for OWB (outside the waistband), typically attached to your belt.

Another discreet option is pocket carry, providing the deepest concealment for your spare magazine. Statistics show that being prepared with a spare magazine can be a critical factor in effectively addressing unforeseen firearm issues.

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Here are some of the features the other pocket mag pouch manufacturers don’t offer.

Securely locks in place
No exposed rounds to get dislodged or compromised by items in your pocket
Light weight and comfortable
Ambidextrous design
Fast access to your spare pistol magazine
Securely locks in place
Spare magazine located in the same place every time
No need to snag it on your pocket to make sure it stays in your pocket
No worries about the magnet coming off either in your pocket or on the draw


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Be prepared!