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Post: The Armory Life - DO YOU EXTRACARRY? Universal 9mm ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Review

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Author: By Dan Thurs

Dan - thanks for taking the time to review the ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch and your great review

What kind of options do we have for carrying extra magazines with us? I guess we could drop one or two in our pocket? However, would you be able to get that magazine out from your pocket under stress? Let’s not even get into all the lint at the bottom of our pockets. Another option is getting a magazine pouch that goes on your carry belt. I guess that’s not a bad idea, but what if you’re trying to carry concealed? That’s a lot of extra bulk at your waist that might print through a jacket. What if there was another option?

ExtraCarry magazine carrier
The ExtraCarry magazine carrier gives you a lot of easy-to-use carry options for your spare magazine.

Enter ExtraCarry

I recently learned about the ExtraCarry magazine carriers, and what caught my attention right away is that these aren’t really your run of the mill magazine carriers. So, let’s go over what I found.

If you’re worried about ExtraCarry not supporting your firearm of choice, they’ve probably got you covered. The site has a very long list of manufacturers they support, as well as listing a universal carrier that will fit practically any 9mm magazine.

Don’t worry about the ExtraCarry not supporting your firearm — they offer a wide range of options.

Right off the bat, I noticed that these are much smaller than other magazine carriers I’ve looked at. I was sent a pair of carriers for testing; one was adjustable for double-stack magazines, and the other was not adjustable and held the single-stack 10mm magazine for my Springfield TRP 1911, I guess that would explain why “single stack 1911” is stamped on the back, huh?

Dan found the ExtraCarry to be very small, compact and unobtrusive.

The fit was perfect and held the magazine firmly, but not so secure that removing the magazine would be an issue. What I like with this carrier is you can clip it anywhere you want. Either on your belt and outside the waistband, or inside your pants pocket or even inside the pocket of your jacket. For the ladies, you can clip this inside your purse so your spare magazine is never lost in the abyss.

In addition to inside-the-pocket carry, you can also attach it to your belt.

Unobtrusive Option

When the ride height is set correctly, only a metal clip can be seen from the pocket, so it looks like an unassuming pocket knife. This allows you several additional options for the placement of the carrier that do not rely on placing them on your belt. This is a far better option than having an extra magazine held in the same place as the holster your gun is in. Wouldn’t you rather have spare magazines located on your weak side? This way you’re not forced to remove your strong hand from the firearm just to change magazines.

The construction of these carriers is second to none. The metal clip is firmly attached to the carrier and holds the unit in place very snugly.

Dan got to try out two variants — one for a single-stack 1911, and the other a “universal” model for 9mm magazines.

On the adjustable carrier, I was able to change the width of the carrier to accommodate thicker magazines as well as adjusting the ride height to allow me to carry the magazine much deeper for better concealment — or higher up if I so chose. It only took me about a minute with a Phillips screwdriver to drop this extended magazine below the clip line, allowing me to conceal a 23-round magazine inside my pocket. Now only a small metal clip would be showing on the outside while having my spare magazine firmly held in place. The adjustment on this really makes it adaptable for many modes of carry.


A Little More About Dan Thurs

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