About Us

The inception of the ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch was born out of necessity, stemming from the lack of a practical method for discreetly carrying a spare mag, particularly for those opting for pocket carry.

The ExtraCarry Team's mission is clear: to bring to market the ultimate mag pouch for deep concealment without compromising the essential features needed to securely carry spare ammo, readily accessible for emergencies.

After over a year of extensive field testing, ongoing design enhancements, and valuable input from top industry professionals, the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch product line was introduced in 2015.

We value feedback from the firearms community and are always eager to learn what designs are needed next. Feel free to reach out to us; we are open to creating new designs, especially if it's something we currently don't offer. If you have a custom idea, we might be able to assist with that too.

Share with us how you utilize your ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch. Your insights could be featured in an upcoming blog post, as we believe our followers would be keen to learn from your experiences.

Best regards, The ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch Team