Two Accessories That Go from Concealed Carry to Range Day - ExtraCarry Review

Post: ALLOUTDOOR: Two Accessories That Go from Concealed Carry to Range Day - The ExtraCarry Universal 9mm Mag Pouch

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Author: By Eve Flanigan

Eve - thanks for taking the time to review the ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch and your great review


If you have a regular range practice and carry concealed daily also, you might find yourself carrying around extra gear like belts, holsters, and magazine pouches that are appropriate for high-round count practice, while that everyday carry (EDC) gear is generally lighter in weight and more street-friendly. Time and trouble are spent carrying extra stuff and changing into and out of it. But here are two products I’ve found that make the transition from street to range easily.

ExtraCarry Magazine Pouch

This is a product I’d tested some time ago, but has undergone some improvements. It’s of course a good idea to pack an extra magazine when possible for EDC. And that’s the assumption this product was made for. It uses a clip, similar to any that would be on a pocket knife, to hold the magazine inside a pocket or waistband so it’s always indexed and ready. The ExtraCarry is made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon and between the currently available medium and large sizes, expands or contracts to accommodate most popular magazines. A small version for 380 ACP mags is in development.

The ExtraCarry is adjustable for ride height.

With the ExtraCarry in a pocket, the business end of the mag is protected during carry. Nothing can get inside, and rounds are kept from working their way out. The angle of the clip can change to accommodate various clothing and body styles.

The ExtraCarry is made to look like a knife clip when in a pocket.

Ambidexterity is built in, and that makes the ExtraCarry a great backup for a normal belt- or paddle-mounted mag carrier. I went from wearing it concealed and holding a compact Sig Sauer P365 mag, to wearing it support-side, outside-waistband and holding a full size, 18-round Canik magazine. This is possible with the company’s new Universal Mag Pouch. There are model-specific mag carriers available too.

Pouch side of ExtraCarry.
This accessory can make the armed life a little easier. I am pleased to use the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch, especially since they’re made in the USA.

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