Carry A Spare Mag In Your Pocket - Comfortably - All The Time!

Fresh from the NRA Show, we engaged with numerous attendees, probing about their habit of carrying a spare mag. Responses varied from "No" to "Sometimes," "I don't need a spare," and "Yes, always." Yet, a common thread emerged as we delved deeper into their choices—COMFORT. Traditional methods of carrying spare magazines were unanimously deemed uncomfortable. Some resorted to loose pocket storage, encountering issues like lint, loose rounds, and improper indexing for emergency retrieval. Others opted for belt mag pouches, albeit acknowledging the need to conceal them with additional clothing.

This collective discomfort echoed the confirmation we sought—a challenge we aimed to address. The unveiling of the ExtraCarry Magazine Pouch at the NRA Show garnered an enthusiastic response. Designed for deep concealment in your pocket, the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch resembles a pocketknife, securely locking in place, indexed, and ready for quick access. It shields your magazine and ammo from lint and coin contamination, ensuring rounds stay in place with no damage to feed lips.

As onlookers gathered around our show table for product demonstrations, it became evident that the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch was a valuable addition to their everyday carry gear. Attendees had the opportunity to try various samples, including the Mag Specific and Universal versions fitting 380, 9, 40, and 45 mags. The joyous expressions on their faces as they effortlessly retrieved the spare mag reinforced the pouch's appeal. Drawing with the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch is swift and easy, only marginally slower than a belt draw—just 0.2 seconds.

Praises such as "Great Invention," "Must-have," and "Exactly what I was looking for" echoed through the crowd. Some even sought out our booth after spotting us in the show guide, driven by the need to witness the product firsthand.

Confirmed by the thousands at the show, ExtraCarry Mag Pouches stand out as "The best way to carry a spare magazine concealed in your pocket." Born out of necessity, these pouches, with unmatched features, are now accessible to everyone.

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