Carry A Spare Mag In Your Pocket - Comfortably - All The Time!

We just got back from the NRA Show, and we asked a lot of visitors if they carried a spare mag. Their responses were varied, “No”, “Sometimes”, “I don’t need a spare”, “Yes always”. As we asked a few more questions, almost everyone had the same answer as to why they didn’t carry a spare mag or only carried a spare magazine occasionally.  The answer was COMFORT, everyone said the traditional ways to carry spare magazines were uncomfortable.  Many said they carried their spare magazines loose in their pockets.  Of course, with a variety of issues: lint, loose rounds, the mag wasn’t indexed properly to retrieve it in an emergency. Others said they used a belt mag pouch because there wasn’t a better way to carry a spare mag.  They also noted that they had to cover it with some type of clothing to keep it concealed.

The response from the visitors was the confirmation we were hoping to hear, knowing we had a solution to the problem of COMFORT.  The introduction of the ExtraCarry Magazine Pouch to the visitors at the NRA Show was a hit. The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch offers deep concealment for the spare magazine you’re carrying in your pocket.  It looks like a pocketknife, locks securely in place in your pocket, indexed and ready, protects your magazine and ammo from contamination from pocket lint and coins, no dislodged rounds and no damage to the feed lips of your magazine.

As crowds gathered around the show table to see the product demos, you could see that they knew the ExtraCarry Mag pouch was something they needed to add to their EDC gear. Everyone was given a chance to try out any of a variety of ExtraCarry mag pouch samples. The samples included many of the 180 variations of the Mag Specific version along with the Universal version made to fit 380, 9, 40 and 45 mags. It was a pleasure to watch the big smile that arose as they pulled the spare mag from their pocket. Many said, “that was easy”. Drawing a spare mag from your pocket using the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch is fast and easy, in fact it is just .2 seconds slower than a belt draw. 

People said it was a “Great Invention”, “They had to have one”, “It was just what they were looking for”, in fact we had people stop by the booth specifically to see the product after seeing us listed in the show guide. They said they had to know more and see the product for themselves.

The ExtraCarry Mag Pouches, as confirmed by thousands of show visitors, are “The best way to carry a spare magazine concealed in your pocket”. Created out of necessity and now available to everyone because there wasn’t a pocket mag carrier equal to the features offered by the ExtraCarry Magazine pouches.

You can learn more about the ExtraCarry Mag pouches at the company’s website at, Check out the many Five Star reviews, blogger videos, testimonial and product guides.