Are you carrying a spare magazine with your every day carry pistol?

There are a variety of options and ways to carry a spare magazine.  What are some of the features you should be looking for in your next purchase of an concealed carry magazine pouch.

 Concealed Carry your spare magazine in your pocket
Looks unassuming "like a pocket knife"
Securely locks in place
No exposed rounds to get dislodged or compromised by items in your pocket
Light weight and comfortable
Ambidextrous design
Fast access to your spare pistol magazine
Spare magazine located in the same place every time
Made in the USA
  Money Back Guarantee

Why Should You Carry A Spare Magazine?

It's easy to carry a spare magazine for your semi auto pistol. It provides you the security you need in the event of a jam or failure to feed. Yes it is unlikely you will have a malfunction or need a spare magazine for the extended gun fight.

But it is also unlikely that you will ever draw your concealed firearm, so why carry one.  The answer is the same.  You carry a firearm for safety and security.  That is the same reason you should be carrying a spare mag.  You most likely will never fire your CCW but in the event you do, you should also be prepared in the event of a malfunction or jam.

Here is our choice.  It's from ExtraCarry. They offer over 100 variation for every popular CCW pistol and if they don't have it, they will make if for you and give you a discount for your help.

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