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The ExtraCarry carriers and the company are both Best in Class!
The ExtraCarry mag pouch is a high-quality mag carrier, and the design, materials and workmanship are excellent. I ordered one carrier for an extra mag for my Colt Mustang Pocketlite (.380 ACP). The fit of the mag into the holder is excellent, quite snug, and there is no danger of the mag becoming accidentally dislodged, it can be withdrawn easily with two fingers. It has beveled and rounded edges and corners, so there are no “sharps” down in your pocket. The pocket clip is strong and holds the carrier firmly in place.

The first ExtraCarry I received had the mag riding a bit too high in my pocket for good concealment. I contacted ExtraCarry to mention this problem. The owner, Rick, immediately emailed me back, asking how much longer I thought the back strap of the carrier should be to ensure proper concealment. I replied with my guestimation, and he said he would have a new carrier sent to me in a couple of weeks! Wow!

When I received the new carrier, it held the mag a bit too deep in my pocket for easy withdrawal (I have small hands). I again conveyed this information to Rick, who again said he would have a new carrier sent to me in a couple of weeks! Wow again!

When this third carrier arrived, it was the perfect Goldilocks length to hold the magazine so that it was completely concealed, yet easily grasped for withdrawal. Talk about excellent customer service! Rick went far above and beyond any customer service I have received from any company in many years!

– Richard from United States

P365 concealed carry mag pouch

This item (Sig P365 Mag Pouch) was better than I expected. It easily fits and locks onto the front pocket of my jeans and the magazine is easily retrieved with my fore finger and thumb for a quick reload.

– Anonymous from United States

Excellent Magazine Pouch

Magazine fits perfect. Very well designed. I use this a ton and it's comfy.

Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch for Kahr PM9, G26, and SIG P365

This is the third (concealed carry) magazine pouch I have bought, but the first review I have written. I wanted to carry these for a while before writing a review. I have one for a Kahr PM9, SIG P365, and a G26. All three of mine have been exactly what I had hoped for. The clips have all remained as tight as I want them even though I have been using two of them for well over a year now. It even worked well on my Kahr PM9 magazines, which are known for emptying themselves if carried in a pocket with no protection. All bullets stay in the magazine when carried in this Extra Carry pouch. Since I carry mine in my back pocket, the clip can pivot as I scoot across the seat while getting out of a car. But, everything still stays in place. Neither the magazine nor magazine pouch has ever fallen out of my pocket in almost daily use. I could stop this by carrying in my front pocket, but, I prefer to keep it in my back pocket.
– Anonymous from United States

Extra Carry mag pouch for Glock 43 magazine 4

Just received the extra Carry pouch for my Glock 43 4 extension magazine. This item is made very well. My 4 extension disappears into any pocket. This item was a special order and I am very pleased.

– Anonymous from United States

Practical reliable

I recommend it. I live in hot weather and sometimes there's very little clothing for concealment or anther IWB device. This mag pouch beats all the alternatives. I use it with my .380 in a pocket holster on the other side when I'm dressed down for the beach, walking in my secure neighborhood, etc. I'm going to try with my 9mm when "dressed up" and am anxious to see if the results will be as good.

Great Service!! Prompt and Reliable!!

Overall, best customer service ever!!

– Michael C.

Best Magazine Pouch for Me!

This is very well constructed and since I'm a knife guy it's perfect for in the pocket mag carry. It looks to someone that you may have a knife. With the special lock down clip it doesn't slip away into you pants. Great customer service. ExtraCarry gave this one to me for free because I've been a loyal customer. I don't think I would use another extra magazine pouch than ExtraCarry's. It is perfect in every way and for my concealment needs.

– Anonymous from United States

Total satisfaction

On time good price and the mag pouch is so comfortable in my jeans pocket, I forget I have it on Aldo use it on my inside blazer pocket
– Anonymous from United States

bodyguard 380 concealed carry mag review

excellent service on top of detailed tracking and delivery info. I couldn't be more pleased with the mag pouch (Bodyguard 380). Thanks to all involved. Richard
- Chris C.

Another satisfied customer

Fantastic! I ordered mine on Nov 1st and was quoted 3-4 weeks but I received it on Nov 15th. Love the product and the purchase was hassle free.

Great extra magazine holder

I have had this extra carry magazine holder for a week or two now. It is very comfortable and it works very well with my sig sauer p238 magazine. I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone looking for a magazine holder for your conceal carry.

- Matt Shapiro

Great carrier

I like it overall.

- warren flint

Great mag holder!!!!!!!

I never liked carrying my mags in my pocket,and when I saw this mag pouch,I had to have one!!It fits in my pocket perfect and stays there.The price was a little high,but I will be buying another one soon.If you buy one,you will love it,I am sure.

- Michael Silvin

Convenient Carry

Fits in pocket well. Had it about 2weeks now no issues. Holds magazine snugly.

- William Moe

Works very well!

This is a fine magazine holder, specifically for a Glock 17 mag. The mag fits perfectly—not too tight and yet snug enough for security. Very unobtrusive in a front pocket and you just insert the mag bullets forward. It’s the best pocket mag holder I’ve seen.

Mag holder

Just as described. Works great. Delivered fairly quickly. Would order from you again.

Good to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to review the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch for your Glock 43.

The ExtraCarry Sales Team

reference: Glock 43 - Standard Magazine with grip extension 380 ACP - ExtraCarry™ - Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch

Really like the magazine think

Really like the magazine think its a little over priced.


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