Universal Mag Pouch Fits 9mm- Concealed Mag Holder

NEW Features:
Fits Most Mags - Single Stack - Double Stack
Made with Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon
Adjustable Mag Pouch - small, medium, large, extra large
Adjustable Back Strap - moves up and down
Built In Retention
Medium: 9mm version available now
Large: 45acp and Small: 380 versions - Coming Soon

Additional Features:
✔ Concealed Carry your spare magazine in your pocket
✔ Looks unassuming "like a pocket knife"
✔ Securely locks in place
✔ No exposed rounds to get dislodged
✔ No compromised round from items in your pocket
✔ Light weight and comfortable
✔ Ambidextrous design
✔ Fast access to your spare pistol magazine
✔ Spare magazine located in the same place every time
✔ Patented
✔ Made in the USA
Order With Confidence - 100% Money Back Guarantee 


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