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Do You ExtraCarry? The Armory Life #GEAR

Do You ExtraCarry? The Armory Life #GEAR

Post: The Armory Life - DO YOU EXTRACARRY? Universal 9mm ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Review

Link: ExtraCarry Universal Mag Pouch Product Review Link

Author: By Dan Thurs

Dan - thanks for taking the time to review the ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch and your great review

What kind of options do we have for carrying extra magazines with us? I guess we could drop one or two in our pocket? However, would you be able to get that magazine out from your pocket under stress? Let’s not even get into all the lint at the bottom of our pockets. Another option is getting a magazine pouch that goes on your carry belt. I guess that’s not a bad idea, but what if you’re trying to carry concealed? That’s a lot of extra bulk at your waist that might print through a jacket. What if there was another option?

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ExtraCarry magazine carrier

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