Special Weapons Magazine - Best 6 New Products For Summer 2016 - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

The editors of Special Weapons magazine have gone ahead and listed their favorite new products for the field in summer 2016.  The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch has been selected as one of the 6 best.
ExtraCarry Mag Pouch - Tactical-life.com
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Special Weapons Magazine - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch
Special Weapons Magazine


The newly released ExtraCarry Mag Pouch is one of the best ways to carry spare ammo concealed. It is lightweight and ambidextrous while preventing your magazine from printing through clothing. Just slide it into any pocket and it looks unassuming, just like any pocket knife with a pants clip.  It also locks securely into your pocket with a patent-pending integrated clip. (extracarry.com)

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